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upcoming Events

Monday, October 1
Referendum Ontario Info Session
Ralph Thornton Centre, 765 Queen St E (at Broadview)

Tuesday, October 2nd
MMP Debate
Laurelwood Village, 605 Laurelwood Drive, Waterloo

Wednesday, October 3
Ottawa Women for MMP Reception
CUBE Gallery
7 Hamilton Ave N,

Thursday, October 4th
Couchiching Round Table
University of Toronto Faculty Club
41 Willcocks Street, Toronto
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Become an Equal Voice Member!

  1. On October 10th 2007, vote yes!

  2. Tell your friends about the referendum. A recent Environics study ( study found that 70% of voters are not familiar with the proposal to change our electoral system to Mixed Member Proportional. However, those that are familiar with it are very much in favour. This tells us that the more people know about MMP, the more likely they are to vote in favour of it. Knowledge is power – tell everyone you know to educate themselves about the issues, so they are making an informed decision on October 10th 2007.

  3. Request a meeting or send a letter to your MPP telling them why you are choosing Mixed Member Proportional, and why it’s the better choice for Ontarians. Click on this link for some meeting agenda suggestions and letter-writing tips and information about finding who your MPP is. ( Click here.)

  4. Participate in our MMP Week of Action. From October 1-7, 2007, we are asking Ontarians from across the province to take a few minutes, a few hours, or a few days to canvass their communities and let their neighbours, colleagues, friends and family know about MMP and why it will change our electoral system for the better. Download our flyer or make your own. If you need us to mail the flyer to you, email us at and tell us how many you need. Then go stand in front of your grocery store, at your local mall, or knock on your neighbour’s doors and talk to them about MMP, and why you are voting yes on October 10th. (Click here).

  5. Organize a lunch-time meeting. In your place of work or school, or in your community centre, organize a 50 minute informational session, with about 20 minutes devoted to delivering your key message (why people should vote for MMP, how it will help women get elected, why it has benefited women in other countries), about 15 minutes on questions and answers, and about 15 minutes on networking, sharing resources, etc. If this is something that you would like to do, but would like to have a speaker come to you, contact us at

  6. Hand out our brochures at your school, workplace, mall, etc. Click on “Resources” or contact us for print copies.

  7. Put up posters at your local community boards. Remember, most people don’t even know what MMP is. This is a chance to provide them with information about the issue. Again, contact us for copies.

  8. Send a letter or op-ed piece to your local newspaper. See “Media Outreach” for more information.

  9. Organize an information forum. See “Planning an Issue Forum” for more information.

  10. Do you have any other ideas – let us know if we can help. We’re happy to provide support and resources to any projects that promote MMP and its benefits for women.