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upcoming Events

Monday, October 1
Referendum Ontario Info Session
Ralph Thornton Centre, 765 Queen St E (at Broadview)

Tuesday, October 2nd
MMP Debate
Laurelwood Village, 605 Laurelwood Drive, Waterloo

Wednesday, October 3
Ottawa Women for MMP Reception
CUBE Gallery
7 Hamilton Ave N,

Thursday, October 4th
Couchiching Round Table
University of Toronto Faculty Club
41 Willcocks Street, Toronto
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Media Outreach Strategies

  • Send letters to the editor of your local paper.

    Letter to the editor tips:
    1. Focus on your local papers and include a local connection in your letter.
      Pick only one or two papers to which to send the letter.
      Most papers have a word limit on what they will print (generally 200 words).. If you are brief you are more likely to be published.
  • Write an op-ed on MMP. Coordinate the efforts of several good writers in your area and begin an op-ed campaign. Op-eds typically appear opposite a newspaper’s editorial page (opposite editorial). Op-eds are generally 800 words or fewer and are a great forum for expressing your opinion on issues. Address the timeliness of the issue and the relevance to readers. Follow up with a brief phone call to ensure the editor received your piece. If your article is not used as an op-ed, it may be printed as a letter to the editor.
  • Talk to the airwaves. Organize a group of women to regularly listen to talk radio shows and share information about the issues. Talk radio shows offer an excellent opportunity to bring your message to the public. By calling and posing a question or making a point, you can promote your local efforts. Listen to talk radio shows in your community. Morning and afternoon drive-time shows are particularly good targets.